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About GX Link plugin for CMSimple

The GX Link plugin is a script designed to organize categorized link collections like web catalogues.

It is a plugin for CMSimple.


  • Flat file based (no database like MySQL needed)
  • Unlimitted databases, categories and links
  • Multi language
  • Extremly configurable due to a multitude of parameters
  • Customizable layout with CSS
  • Admin interface
  • Check for broken links and show them or not
  • Possibility for visitors to add links with email notification for admin
  • Approve or disapprove links by admin
  • Show new links on top
  • Search function for links
  • ...

How to use this plugin?

Installing GXLink

You just copy the plugin into the plugin folder from CMSimple - that's it!!!

Ok, since you want something to be edited and saved it will be required to chmod some folders and files. In the plugin folder you will have four folders - config, css, languages and DBlink (and all other DB folders if you want to have some) - which you have to chmod 777. Same for the files in these folders.

Furthermore, you have to call the plugin in your content. Simply add the following line where you want to have the result:


You could give two additional variables to the function: the categorie and/or the name of the database (default "DBlink"). This example calls just the categorie "Search Engines" from the default database:

{{{gxlink("Search Engines");}}}

Configuring GXLink

There are a set of variables in the configuration that you should look over and tweak to your liking.

Variable Value
allowLinkPosting 1 = allow that visitors add links
0 = disallow
showAllLinksDefault 1 = show all links on startpage
0 = don't
showApprovedLinksOnly 1 = only show approved links
0 = show non approved links too
doNotShowBroken 0 = show broken links too
1 = don't show broken links
showNewLinks 1 = show new links on top of page
0 = don't
iNewLinks Number of links to list as new links
showIP 0 = Don't show
1 = Show IP of the person who posted the link if link is not approved
showTitle 1 = Show title
0 = don't
showSearch 1 = Show search dialog
0 = don't
showDescr 1 = Show description of links in table
0 = Show description of links as a tooltip
notifyMail 0 = don't notify by email
1 = get email when new link is posted
mailTo Email address where you want the email notification to be sent. More than one, separate several emails with a comma.
defaultCountry Default country in country select (case sensitive).
showCats Where to show the link categories
0 = don't show
1 = Top
2 = Bottom
3 = Top and bottom
4 = left
5 = right
numCatRow Number of categories on each row (if showCats is set to top or bottom)
color1 Color on linkrow 1
color2 Color on linkrow 2
pageWidth Width of webpage
tableAlign How to align main link table
Values = "Left", "Center", "Right"
showCountryPic 1= show country as picture if available
0 = show country as ISO code
minFillOutTime Minimum time in secondes to fill out the formular to add links
Spam protection
BadWordsFile Name of the bad words file
The first character number is the bad word "rating". The higher the number the worse the word. This could be useful in the future for tolerance puposes.
BadWordRating Tolerance for filtering the bad words
The filter will only remove words with a tolerance rating higher than this value.
BadWordshowLetters Number of letters to show from a found bad word
BadWordreplaceChar Character you want to use as the bad word "bleeper"


There is no warrenty using this plugin. It will be used on everybody's own risk. We will not assume any liability in case of data losses caused by GXLink usage.

Where to find GXLink?

The latest version of GXLink could be downloaded here.

Help and questions

Help and questions only in CMSimple forum and/or CMSimple wiki please.

See a way GXLink can be improved?

I am not an expert on PHP, so if you see a way to improve on any aspect this plugin, just contact me over my website.


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